London, UK Rose Event 23.09.2012

A group of Muslims in London, UK had their own rose event on the 23rd of September 2012. Here, one of the sisters that organized the event, Sara Talib tells us about their experience and story:

“When we saw the news about the chaos around the world surrounding our Prophet (pbuh) we felt sadness and were upset, as our Prophet was being abused both by non-Muslims and Muslims alike. I kept on thinking about the story of how the Prophet (pbuh) used to deal with people that used to curse him, throw stones at him and create bad rumors about him. He was kind, had a gentle smile, his words were filled with patience and love and he would help even those who would talk badly about him. Therefore, what nicer way can we express his message than by giving out flowers? When he was like a flower himself! We bought 1000 roses and attached sayings by and about the Prophet (pbuh) to them. It was pouring rain on that Sunday, but we still were determined to carry on with our event. About 20 volunteers attended and even though it was cold and it was raining all the time, their smiles and good spirit made this day bright. Il hamdilla we managed to hand out all the roses, people were surprised that they were for free. When we mentioned what it was for, the response was positive and supportive. Both muslims and non-muslims felt this was a needed event for all the negative events happening lately. This was all possible thanks to the people that volunteered and donated towards this event. Inshallah we will be doing another event on the 27th of October. May Allah give us the strength and ability to always be good ambassadors for Islam and our beloved Prophet (pbuh).”

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2 Responses to London, UK Rose Event 23.09.2012

  1. Sara says:

    I would love to take part in future events.

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