Kristiansand, Norway Rose Event 29.09.2012

Young Muslims in Kristiansand, Norway had their own rose event on the 29th of September. Here, one of the sisters, Suror Al-Mosawi that organized the event tells us about their experience and story:

“It started with me getting the idea from those who created the Oslo rose event. And since no one in Kristiansand had gone out or officially spoken about the events that took place about our Prophet, I thought it was time to wake up and get people to understand who our Prophet (peace be upon him) was. Therefore, I created a face book event and invited all Muslims in Kristiansand, explaining what this rose event was all about and that we needed both donations and help. We got a good amount in donations and could buy around 480 roses that we could hand out. The reaction from the Norwegians in the street was both positive and negative. There were a lot of people saying that they didn’t want to know about the Prophet because they had nothing to do with him, others said that they didn’t want any flowers from us. But, there were those who gave me hugs and gave a lot of good response about our event, there were even those who were overwhelmed and started crying. So the reaction was both good and bad. But from those who took the flowers and read the messages attached to them, said that this was wonderful and that more Muslims should act in this way showing what Islam is.

Thanks to Allah’s help we managed to create such an event and the outcome was a success. ”

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