Birmingham,UK Rose Event 13.10.12

A group of Muslims in Birmingham, UK,  had their own rose event on the 13th of October. Here’s their story:

“Due to the recent attacks on Islam and our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him. 30 young British Muslims decided to hold an event in which we demonstrated the true message of Islam, which is one of love, peace and harmony. We decided on giving 1000 roses out to non Muslims and Muslims with a short introduction of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him. The event took place in the heart of Birmingham City Centre UK on Saturday 13th October 2012.

The reason behind us doing this event was to clear any misconceptions that have been created in the past in relation to Muslims. We aim to build bridges and bring together both Muslims and non-Muslims in a peace and loving manner, in hope that all communities can learn and respect each other. Our main aim is to create a loving and peaceful atmosphere between the Muslims and non-Muslims.The whole message of Islam can be summed up in the following phrase by a Muslim Sufi and Scholar Mevlana Rumi: “Love is our mother, and the way of our Prophet Peace be upon Him”

We received a fantastic response from all. We received countless messages from non Muslims and Muslims congratulating us and showing their support. We aim to take this all across the UK spreading the message of love and mercy. We look forward to expanding and spreading the true message of Islam.”

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