Birmingham,UK Second Rose Event 20.10.12

A group of Muslims in Birmingham, UK,  had their own rose event on the 20th of October. This was the second rose event to take place in Birmingham.  Here’s what one of their volunteers wrote about their event:

“In the name of Allah, The most gracious, The most merciful

“And we have not sent you [O Muhammad] accept as a mercy to the worlds.” – The Holy Quran (21:107)

On Saturday the 20th of October in 2012, a group of twenty-five young Muslim boys and girls held a second Rose Event in Birmingham City Centre, UK. We distributed five hundred white roses to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about Prophet Muhammad’s noble character and the true message that he came with.

Following the recent attacks on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the media, it was our responsibility to show the world what Islam truly stands for. The Quran (the last Holy Book) was revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him through angel Gabriel 1434 years ago. In this Holy Book, the One and Only Almighty Creator of the Universe speaks to us directly and tells us that in order to become righteous believers we must believe in Him and associate no other partners to Him, we must purify our hearts from all evil, clear our intentions and pursue righteous deeds through faith and good character. He, Almighty, chose prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to deliver the message of Islam (Peace and submission to the One and Only God) because he had a very noble character; even before Islam he was a respected and a humble man known by people as ‘the honest’ and ‘trusted one’. He delivered the message of Islam exactly as God Almighty delivered it to him through the Quran and he taught us that the essence of faith in God is by spreading peace, love and respect.

“And indeed you [O Muhammad] are of a great moral character.” – The Holy Quran (68: 4)

As young Muslim boys and girls, we felt that organising this peaceful event has brought us together and united us as one. It is through this event that our love for prophet Muhammad peace be upon has grew more than ever and through organising this event we have come to appreciate the hardships and difficulties he faced in order to deliver this pure and perfect message that we have in hand today.

“The world much needs a man with Muhammad’s bright thinking. If a man like Muhammad were to assume the rule of modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems and bring peace and happiness to it.” – Sire George Bernard Shaw (Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics)

The feedback we had from both Muslims and non-Muslims was very positive and many took great interest in what the tags read and wanted to find out more.
“Religion of Muhammad will spread throughout the world, as it is in conformity with mind and wisdom.” – Leo Tolstoy (Russian writer)”

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