London, UK Second Rose Event 27.10.12

What is Islam? The answer to this question is frequently surrounded by negative stigma. The True Message of the Prophet event seeks to show people the true picture of Islam, not the ‘Islam’ depicted by the media, nor the minority who give it a bad name.

On the 27th of October, which coincides with the holy celebration of Eid, hard- working volunteers distributed approximately 4000 white roses with hand tied messages on them, portraying the nature of the holy prophet of Islam and revealing why he is so highly revered. The white colour of the roses represent peace, purity and kindness, all attributes associated with Prophet Muhammad.

The volunteers have been working hard over the last few weeks to gather donations to buy these roses, to produce the messages on the roses and subsequently hand tying them to each rose. These roses were then transported by many different cars to High Street Kensington. Despite the effort, these volunteers are happy to do this as a form of peaceful communication to the non-muslim public, to promote understanding and to break down any misconceptions about the religion of Islam.

This event not only took place in London, but has being replicated in 27 other cities around the world, truly representing the open nature and welcoming attitude of the Prophet, characteristics which all Muslims hope to adopt.

Events like these aim to build bridges and help create dialogue between the different groups in society, and they help highlight the advantages of diversity. Many Muslims are proactive members of British society, ranging from doctors, to lawyers, to media personalities and it is this integration into society and tolerance that we should all achieve.

One hopes that events like The True Message of the Prophet event will create a chain reaction for many events like these to enable both Muslims and non-Muslims alike to be more open, kind and tolerant towards each other.

By Shurooq Elemara

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